We’re pleased to announce that Akoin will be listed directly onto Bittrex Global early next month.

“Akoin, the digital asset platform and cryptocurrency developed by global artist and visionary Akon to improve social opportunities and access for African entrepreneurs is listing on global cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex.”

The Akoin token, AKN, will launch on Bittrex Global on November 5, when the AKN wallet will go live across all accounts on the platform. Following the launch of the wallet, spot trading will begin on November 11th, 2020.

The Akoin Exchange Listing with Bittrex!

Akoin has decided to launch directly on Bittrex Global through an exchange listing. While we…

Akoin (AKN) is launching today (November 11th) at 11:11 AM PST, or 7:11 PM UTC. Our first listing will be with Bittrex Global. The following article will describe how users can sign up for a Bittrex Global account and purchase their first AKN tokens!

1. Sign up for an account with Bittrex Global

2. Complete KYC/AML

3. Add Funds to Bittrex Global Wallet

4. Purchase AKN

1. Signing up to Bittrex Global

Navigate to https://global.bittrex.com/Account/Register and select the type of account you’d like to create. Fill in some basic personal information such as your email and password.

Your email will serve as your username. Once you’ve…

In this blog post, we provide a forward-looking view of what’s next for our dedicated TOA participants!

To our Tokens of Appreciation holders, thank you for your amazing support in our journey to launch!

As you know, TOAs were given as commemorative gifts in recognition of your donations made to support the Akoin mission and to help bring Akoin even closer to launch.

So what’s next for TOA holders?

We remain committed to our plan to recognize you, our earliest supporters, with Akoin cryptocurrency tokens after we launch, in further recognition of your passion and early belief in our Akoin mission. We have planned many exciting activations over the coming months that ONLY TOA holders will be able to participate in, where for…

Akoin, the cryptocurrency and DApp/App eco-system developed by artist and visionary Akon, has partnered with Roll, a revolutionary platform that enables creators to develop their own branded digital currency unique to their online presence. Roll calls this social money.

The partnership will work to supercharge US and Asian creators initially, before expanding to the African market next year. It will use Akoin’s strong network of connections to help creators launch their own social money through which they can nurture, grow and develop their communities.


Creators on Roll mint social money to own, control and coordinate the value they create…

What our partnership with UNL means for Africa

If you live in a first-world country, there are some basic benefits you gain from your countries infrastructure that you probably don’t think about very often. Having an address, for example. There are 4 billion people around the world who have no physical address in their neighborhoods or towns.

If you don’t have an address, how do you call 911 when there is an emergency? Where do you tell an ambulance to go when you need medical assistance? …

“Our relationship with BitMinutes provides the cornerstone for how we achieve our shared vision for bringing financial inclusion to rising economies such as Africa; starting with prepaid minutes as a medium of exchange was a clear pathway for us given the store of value people in Africa already recognize there, and is the first step in bringing more users into our blockchain-based economy we’re developing at Akoin.” -Lynn Liss, Chief Operating Officer for Akoin

A look into our ecosystem

Our target demographic isn’t one that’s easily serviced. The Akoin Ecosystem is being built to accommodate those currently excluded from the digital economy. In order to create solutions for this demographic, we have to build them in a way that circumvents the current financial on-ramps and off-ramps, when it comes to creating and transferring value online. To facilitate their entry and exit into the Akoin Ecosystem, we’ve created pathways such as taking Prepaid Minutes or Fiat Currency to the Trusted Agent Network where the minutes or fiat can be converted into Akoin tokens for deposit in a users’ Akoin Wallet.

A shared vision for Africa

Blockchain has the opportunity to create a lasting impact on emerging markets. Developing countries often lack the financial infrastructure needed to provide cheap and simple financial services. Despite having a greater need for cost-effective services in comparison to more developed countries, financial services in emerging markets tend to be more expensive. With the brunt of the cost often falling on the end-user.

Bringing the benefits of blockchain to Africa is our core mission at Akoin. We aim to improve Africa’s financial infrastructure and lower costs by removing intermediaries and increasing transparency. By lowering barriers for Africans to join the digital…

An Introduction to the Akoin Ecosystem

To overcome the confusion inherent to today’s disconnected paradigm, entrepreneurs require a single point of direct access — a one-stop-shop where applications can be created, utilized, and shared by thoroughly interconnected users.

Welcome to the DApp Marketplace.

Blockchain is a powerful tool. It can track almost any type of digital data with unparalleled security and precision. However, blockchain can’t reach its full potential when forced to interact with large, aged systems which run primarily on standard databases. On the new Dapp Marketplace, the transparency of blockchain will be the new standard.

For example, educational applications will be able to create comprehensive profiles of individual users…

An Intro to Akon’s Work in Africa

Life without Light

Growing up, Akon knew the struggles of living in the dark once the sun went down. The town in Senegal that he grew up in, like many others, had no access to running water or power. Local economies were forced to shut down businesses when the sun sets, and families were constrained to candlelight and kerosene lamps to complete their nightly tasks, resulting in over 3 million deaths each year from harmful fumes and fires.

Once Akon became a household name, he was determined to give back to his home country and provide them with sustainable energy.

Alongside Thione Niang…


Akoin is a new cryptocurrency from visionary changemaker Akon and is the foundation of the Akoin Ecosystem.

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