Akoin Partners with Roll to Grow Social Money Model for Creators

4 min readOct 22, 2020

Akoin, the cryptocurrency and DApp/App eco-system developed by artist and visionary Akon, has partnered with Roll, a revolutionary platform that enables creators to develop their own branded digital currency unique to their online presence. Roll calls this social money.

The partnership will work to supercharge US and Asian creators initially, before expanding to the African market next year. It will use Akoin’s strong network of connections to help creators launch their own social money through which they can nurture, grow and develop their communities.


Creators on Roll mint social money to own, control and coordinate the value they create across the web. Social money is a new way creators can build the dollar value of their community and give it back to their biggest supporters.

Akoin and Akon will use their brand to help turn the concept of social money into a global phenomenon. Global artists, creators and thought leaders will also be able to join Akon’s own Akoin-endorsed Roll channel.

Roll works with over 260 creators and has created over a quarter billion dollars of market value using social money. The Akoin partnership allows social money to grow exponentially by reaching millions of people across the globe.

Social money on Roll has created seven, eight and nine-figure markets for digital communities, giving users a stake in the success of the communities they helped to build. The Roll-Akoin partnership accelerates the growth of social money by providing a pathway to take these markets mainstream, helping individuals build and grow their own communities without the need for intermediaries, for example managers and publicists.


Akon’s experience of developing the Akoin brand using his status as an artist is a strong example of how creators can develop and grow their own social money, demonstrating the power of giving value to assets using blockchain technology..

Akon’s own team of experts will be able to provide support to new creators who sign up with Roll, allowing them to benefit from their guidance and experience in creating their own forms of social money.

Moving into 2021 will see the partnership expand to empower artists and creators in Africa and encourage them to use Roll to grow and sustain entrepreneurship in their diverse communities.

Each creator who joins the Akoin-endorsed Roll channel will be able to allocate a percentage of their newly-minted social money to help develop and launch more UN-backed Akoin-Effect Opportunity Hubs.

These are specialist centers based in Kenya, Senegal and Ghana where people can gain access to AI / blockchain-based online work, with the first centre, in Kenya, expected to open later this year.

The hubs help to provide people with cutting-edge business and technical skills through accelerated learning programs that are designed to inspire a generation of change-makers and ignite the blockchain and crypto revolution in Africa.

Working from these hubs, entrepreneurs and creators will be able to set up and earn their own social money hosted through the Roll platform.

From here entrepreneurs can use social money to access services, entrepreneurial resources and a global community. Establishing Roll in the Akoin Effect Opportunity Hubs will catalyse and empower young entrepreneurs to build businesses and create sustainable communities.

Jon Karas, President and Co-Founder of Akoin, said: “We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with Roll, the industry leader in bringing creators all over the world into the revolutionary world of social money, this is a gamechanger in terms of creator empowerment and community building and activation through the power of blockchain and social money.”

Sid Kalla, CTO of Roll, said: “It’s important to reach beyond the immediate crypto-native audience and start thinking deeply about how everyday people will really use and embrace Ethereum and other blockchain technology.

“We are excited to work with the Akoin team and continue building tools at Roll that bring Web3 infrastructure to massive Web2 communities.”

About Akoin

The Akoin Ecosystem will provide token holders with access to a wide range of decentralized apps (dApps) and apps, plus the tools for entrepreneurs to connect, engage and scale business in regions such as Africa while providing a positive social impact to their communities.

Through the Akoin Utility Token, Multi-Currency Wallet and Marketplace people are able to ‘learn, earn, spend and save’ through their mobile phone as they connect and transact with the digital global economy, offering both stored value and local fiat conversion.

About Roll

Roll provides custodial Ethereum wallets capable of sending and receiving social money from the Ethereum blockchain and within the Roll network. It uses a link-based system to make sending social money to anyone as simple as sending a message. Users can instantly send social money to another user on Roll. They can withdraw social money from their Roll wallet and send it to their personal Ethereum wallet at any time.

Roll gives people the tools to mint, distribute and provide pathways to use social money via their existing networks, closing the economic loop that gives social money it’s own unique value. Users can determine all the ways in which your social money will be earned and spent by their community, effectively setting the market for their social money economy.




Akoin is a new cryptocurrency from visionary changemaker Akon and is the foundation of the Akoin Ecosystem.