TOA: Updates & Next Steps!

An update for our Tokens of Appreciation (TOA) campaign donors

2 min readNov 2, 2021


To our Akoin TOA donors, we’d like to provide you an update on where we’ve been and going forward. We have begun rolling out exciting activation opportunities to you, our early supporters, where our first wave of donors earned live Akoin tokens for their efforts, including testing our city wallet deployment and enrollment on our recent exchange launch with BitMart.

We have many new activation opportunities rolling out in the coming months, such as testing our public wallet deployment and rollout of our AkoinCard, yet we know that many of you have been frustrated in the time it takes to rollout and support these type of rewarded activations.

With that, we want you know that we hear you and while legally we are unable to provide you Akoins directly without conducting some form of an activation in order to earn the reward (a strict regulatory requirement that was applied to us AFTER we concluded the TOA campaign), we are willing to return your donation to you in full, if that is your preference going forward.

While each activation requires both the technical and financial support and we remain committed to offering waves of activation opportunities where you can receive rewards far in excess of your donations, we understand that the patience it takes to wait for these activations to become available may not be something you’d like to continue with.

That said, if you’d prefer to have your donation returned directly, please work with Andrew Karas directly by sending him an email and providing the best pathway for us to return funds to you, and we will begin processing those financial transactions.

The choice is yours but we do hope you’ll stay with us on the Akoin journey, many MANY exciting and big announcements ahead, and you’ll continue to receive early access to powerful tools and services being deployed with the Akoin ecosystem and remain valued members of our community.

Most importantly, we appreciate you and all you have done to support our mission.

The Akoin Team




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